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[PLUG] (fwd) Vintage Computer Festival East 2012

Of interest...looks like a cool event.

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From: Evan Koblentz <>
Subject: Vintage Computer Festival East 2012
Date: Wed, 25 Jan 2012 20:49:40 -0500


I'm writing to user groups and hackerspaces to inform your members of
a very unique upcoming event -- the Vintage Computer Festival East
8.0, May 5-6, in Wall, New Jersey.

If you're not familiar with the Vintage Computer Festival, then please
take a moment to keep reading ....

The event is run by a user group called MARCH (Mid-Atlantic Retro
Computing Hobbyists) of which I'm president. Each day of the
weekend-long show contains lectures/workshops (in the morning) and an
exhibit hall (in the afternoon.)

This year's keynote speakers include Dartmouth's Dr. Thomas Kurtz, who
co-invented BASIC (on Saturday) and Apple's Daniel Kottke (Steve Jobs'
college buddy, India travel companion, Apple 1 board builder in Jobs'
parent's garage, and Apple II/III/Mac engineer), on Sunday.

Both days, in the afternoon, is our hands-on exhibit hall. Imagine an
antique car show -- the cars are nice to look at, but you can't touch
anything, and you certainly can't drive. Well, that is no fun at all!
Our exhibitors are required to have their systems up and running for
live demos all weekend! People can see minicomputers, punch card
machines, teletypes, homebrew-era computers, 8-bit micros, etc., all
live and running.

The venue for our event is the InfoAge Science Center, which is a
grassroots, all-volunteer, non-profit facility. It contains a computer
museum (run by my user group), along with museums for antique
radio/TV, shipwrecks, military communications, amateur radio, etc. --
all operated by independent clubs.

Best of all, our event is dirt-cheap to get in. Adult tickets are just
$10 a day and $15 for the weekend. Kids are admitted for free.
Proceeds benefit our museum, which is strictly educational in nature
-- we're all volunteers. In fact, we all lament that our jobs and
families interfere with our volunteer time. :)

Details are frequently updated at

We'd be very grateful if you could share this announcement with your
group members. People attend the Vintage Computer Festival East from
all around the U.S. and even from other countries and continents. For
now, however, we're reaching out to our fellow user groups around the
northeast and mid-Atlantic.

Thank you,
- Evan Koblentz (, cell: 646-546-9999)

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