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Re: [PLUG] (fwd) Vintage Computer Festival East 2012

On Wednesday, January 25, 2012 23:08:06 Paul L. Snyder wrote:
> Of interest...looks like a cool event.
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> From: Evan Koblentz <>
> Subject: Vintage Computer Festival East 2012
> To:
> Date: Wed, 25 Jan 2012 20:49:40 -0500
> Hello,
> I'm writing to user groups and hackerspaces to inform your members of
> a very unique upcoming event -- the Vintage Computer Festival East
> 8.0, May 5-6, in Wall, New Jersey.
> If you're not familiar with the Vintage Computer Festival, then please
> take a moment to keep reading ....
> The event is run by a user group called MARCH (Mid-Atlantic Retro
> Computing Hobbyists) of which I'm president. Each day of the
> weekend-long show contains lectures/workshops (in the morning) and an
> exhibit hall (in the afternoon.)
> This year's keynote speakers include Dartmouth's Dr. Thomas Kurtz, who
> co-invented BASIC (on Saturday) and Apple's Daniel Kottke (Steve Jobs'
> college buddy, India travel companion, Apple 1 board builder in Jobs'
> parent's garage, and Apple II/III/Mac engineer), on Sunday.
> Both days, in the afternoon, is our hands-on exhibit hall. Imagine an
> antique car show -- the cars are nice to look at, but you can't touch
> anything, and you certainly can't drive. Well, that is no fun at all!
> Our exhibitors are required to have their systems up and running for
> live demos all weekend! People can see minicomputers, punch card
> machines, teletypes, homebrew-era computers, 8-bit micros, etc., all
> live and running.
> The venue for our event is the InfoAge Science Center, which is a
> grassroots, all-volunteer, non-profit facility. It contains a computer
> museum (run by my user group), along with museums for antique
> radio/TV, shipwrecks, military communications, amateur radio, etc. --
> all operated by independent clubs.
> Best of all, our event is dirt-cheap to get in. Adult tickets are just
> $10 a day and $15 for the weekend. Kids are admitted for free.
> Proceeds benefit our museum, which is strictly educational in nature
> -- we're all volunteers. In fact, we all lament that our jobs and
> families interfere with our volunteer time. :)
> Details are frequently updated at
> and
> We'd be very grateful if you could share this announcement with your
> group members. People attend the Vintage Computer Festival East from
> all around the U.S. and even from other countries and continents. For
> now, however, we're reaching out to our fellow user groups around the
> northeast and mid-Atlantic.
> Thank you,
> - Evan Koblentz (, cell: 646-546-9999)
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Last year's event was very interesting.  The InfoAge center has a lot of neat 


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