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Re: [PLUG] Gremlins in the Machine

On Sun, Feb 12, 2012 at 11:30 AM, Michael Leone <> wrote:
> That's one reason why I never use LVM - if it screws up, I don't know
> enough to even try and fix it myself ...

You just need a rescue CD that includes lvm on it (most do - I know
the Gentoo minimal install CD does).

Then you can run:
pvscan - to find all physical volumes
vgscan - to assemble them into volume groups
lvscan - to detect all logical volumes
vgchange -ay - to active the logical volumes and create device nodes

At that point you can mount them with mount /dev/volgroup/logvol /mountpoint.

If you chroot to your root fs and mount anything else it needs, you
have what amounts to a working system in single user mode (it isn't
running anything from init, but it should be pretty functional).  You
can do whatever you need to do to reinstall grub or whatever at this
point.  Just exit the chroot and unmount everything when you're done.

Oh, if the lvm commands don't work try prepending them with "lvm"
followed by a space.  All those commands are just symlinks to lvm -
just like busybox.

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