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[PLUG] simple video edit - simply escapes me

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I have a 26 minute screen capture video that I need to cut down to 9:30.  That is, I just want the first 9:30 - no fancy editing, effects, etc... just load, chop, save.  Is there an Audacity for videos?

I made this video using xvidcap screen capture.  It created a 59 MB mpeg file (test-0000.mpeg)

I tried kdenlive - it seems really powerful but it's not at all intuitive to me and the output options make me dizzy.  For example, why would I choose mpeg-2 200k 2 pass instead of mped-2 400k or any of the hundred or so other rendering options?  The two I tried would have taken over an hour and produced a file WELL over 100 MB in size.

I just want to shorten a video (he pleads.)  Anybody have any recommendations?
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