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Re: [PLUG] Hi - Intro....


Thanks for fixing my post, that's exactly what I'm talking about.  And thanks for the link to the slides, I'm browsing through that presentation right now.

I assume you're referring to Shumon Huque's talk at PICC '11. Seems the slides from that talk have been taken offline, but here is a link to a more recent presentation of his from USENIX LISA '11:


Hope this helps.

On 03/27/2012 04:03 PM, Julien Mills wrote:
This wasn't free (or even all that cheap) but...  at the LOPSA conference last spring a guy from Drexel gave a very interesting talk about migrating to IPv6.  I'll look and see if I have any info from that talk.


I was able to pick up some knowledge by looking through this book:
Migrating to IPv6: a practical guide to implementing IPv6 in mobile and fixed networks by Marc Blanchet
With a few extra machines, or virtual machines, and an appropriate network you can setup a radvd server, and free tunnel using hurricanelectric/tunnelbroker.

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