Jack Hill on 7 Apr 2012 12:56:51 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] revision control systems: your faves?

What are people's thoughts about darcs? I've been wanting to try it because I've recently learned Haskell and love it. A pecular thing about darcs is that the fundamental object is a patch instead of a tree state.

All the projects that I'm currently hacking on are in git, one nice thing about git compared to darcs is that (outside of the Haskell community) if I want to collaborate with some random person, they are more likely to know git than darcs.

What about FLOSS "full featured" hosting platorms?

For git there is gitorious,
for hg  I'm not sure what there is. (Is bitbucket FLOSS?)
for darcs there is darcsden
for bzr there is launchpad (althougth that might be in the class of project hosting). While we're talking about project hosting there is savannah which supports (GNU arch, bzr, cvs, svn, git, and hg).

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