JP Vossen on 7 Apr 2012 00:09:36 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] revision control systems: your faves?

Date: Fri, 06 Apr 2012 20:43:53 -0400
From: Floyd Johnson<>

I'm considering the use of Subversion for a project meant to live
entirely on a local volume, and have it in my head that GUI clients
notwithstanding, it ain't for lightweights or solo developers.

For the times you've written stuff singlehandedly, what was your RCS of
choice, and what was the best source of info as to how to use it?

Avoid Subversion. It works just fine, but it's the last of a dying breed and there is no sense is joining that parade as it is winding down.
"[...] it is generally understood that CVS's days are numbered. However, in the longer term so are Subversion's. It is clearly the best of the centralized VCSes, but just as clearly the last of its kind. [...]"

Use one of the the distributed ones like git, Hg or Bzr.

Having said that...use BZR. I know, everyone else said use git. And it kind of doesn't matter, all three (git, Hg, Bzr) are cross platform, have GUI tools and IDE integration, and will work. But I think Bzr is the easiest, friendliest, and (I hate to say this) prettiest one of the bunch. Git still makes my eyes bleed...

Fire them all up and try a few things and see what you like better. I especially like 'bzr qlog' and 'bzr qdiff'...

Oh yeah, everyone loves github, but Bzr has Launchpad, Hg has something, and lets you use any of them.

Really, you can't go wrong with any of those three.

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