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Re: [PLUG] revision control systems: your faves?

JP Vossen <>:
>     "[...] it is generally understood that CVS's days are numbered.
> However, in the longer term so are Subversion's. It is clearly the
> best of the centralized VCSes, but just as clearly the last of its
> kind. [...]"

Ah.  Somebody invoked me. :-)

Best reason not to go with Subversion is vulnerability to single-point
failures. A glitch on your SVN server can completely fuck you over, 
whereas if you lose your public git server you just clone the history
from someone's copy and keep going.

Most of the other advice in this thread is sound.  Except: don't touch
Perforce, it may be free-as-in-beer but is proprietary and unsafe for
all the usual reasons proprietary is unsafe.  And bzr - ugh. I think
its branching model is broken, but I'm not sure because it makes my head 
hurt every time I have to re-learn it.

git or hg.  git for full power and broadest support, hg if you value
a simpler and cleaner interface. Me, I regret that hg lost the mindshare
war and mostly use git.
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