Rich Freeman on 8 Apr 2012 16:38:44 -0700

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[PLUG] Gentoo Prefix Talk?

I've managed to get Gentoo Prefix running on a few OSes now, and I was
wondering if anybody would be interested in a talk:
Gentoo Everywhere - An Intro to Gentoo Prefix

For those not familiar with it, Gentoo Prefix is a way to get Gentoo
running on other unix-like operating systems, including Windows, OSX,
and other Linux distros.  Conceptually it is similar to installing
another distro in a chroot (a common trick), but it doesn't actually
run in a chroot.  Instead you have full access to Gentoo software
installed in some directory tree mapped into your path, where it stays
out of your other OS'es way, but still has access to your regular
/home and so on.  It also can be installed without root access, as
long as you have a modest toolchain on your native OS.

I'll probably demo it running in Windows, OSX, and maybe Ubuntu. I'll
also talk about situations where it could be useful, even if you
otherwise like what you already have.

Any takers?  And no, I can't give the talk on Tuesday...  :)

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