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Re: [PLUG] sshd on sabayon

On Sun, Apr 8, 2012 at 12:21 PM, Michael Lazin <> wrote:
> I have a coworker that tries a lot of linux distros and I told him I don't
> like unity, and I wanted to try something besides ubuntu on my netbook and
> he recommended sabayon.  It is taking some getting used to coming from the
> debian/ubuntu world, but I like it.  Everything worked out of the box
> besides sshd.

Interesting - one of the ironies on the fairly minimalist Gentoo is
that openssh is part of the "system set" which means it is there by
default.  Some have suggested that it should not be (make sense to
me).  So, on any Gentoo install getting sshd running is as simple as
starting the service (it does not run by default).  That is actually
nice for the install CDs (which also include it).  You need to run a
command or two to get it started, but then you can do the rest of the
install from another PC with a working browser, which makes copying
and pasting from the handbook easier.

> I am not going to fault sabayon for this, I am glad it comes
> locked down by default.  Another day when I am less concerned about getting
> my files back I will set up a firewall again.

As somebody else pointed out, it isn't really super "locked down" per
se - just a firewall.

If anybody does want a locked down experience on Gentoo they could
check out Gentoo Hardened.  I hear that some VPS use it, as there are
few if any distros that rival it.  I would consider it anything but a
user-friendly desktop experience, however.  For your usual core
services it works, but I have no idea how well it handles the usual
multimedia apps/etc, or anything that uses hardware beyond mounting
devices.  It does come in many flavors as you can install the various
layers of security independently (from just enabling stack canaries to
SELinux).  Some of the options are designed to be fairly unobtrusive
(no full blown MAC).

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