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Re: [PLUG] Mini netbook...

Hi Paul –


Just for the record, I do believe installing OS X on non-Apple hardware is a violation of the EULA. With that said, if you’re OK with that, read on… if not, stop reading now! J


I’ve successfully installed OS X on my Dell Mini 10v laptop numerous times using both an external USB hard drive & a USB key. It’s a decent little netbook that I maxed the RAM out on (2gb) and I believe it has a 250GB 5400rpm HD. My netbook sleeps and wakes appropriately and has all the built-in hardware working (WiFi, Ethernet, Bluetooth, etc). I can easily get 4-6 hours on a charge – and my netbook has the extended Dell battery on it (6-cell versus 3-cell).


Out of the box, the install is relatively straightforward and there are dozens of HOWTOs across the Internet. The only warning I will give is you need to find an original RTM disc of Snow Leopard (10.6, nothing later like 10.6.3) as Apple got smart and removed Intel Atom processor support from the later Darwin kernels. The only way around this is hacked kernels but you’ll need an installed OS first… and this potentially leads to other problems which I won’t go into here.


I purchased my Mini 10v specifically to make into an OS X netbook – and it’s performed every task I’ve asked without hesitation – albeit a little slowly but the job gets done.


I’m preparing to retire the Mini and replace it with an iPad. If you don’t mind the Nickelodeon “slime” theme (seen here: - it was quite a conversation piece when I first brought it out at various meetings) and want to make an offer, let me know.




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I'm headed across the pond for a tour and would like to bring along a small netbook with OSX or Ubuntu that I can use to do server administration and put out fires as it were, possibly even some development depending on my situation. I'd like to keep it cheap, without settling for junk. To this end I'm looking for:


1. Any heuristics regarding putting OSX onto a netbook

2. A machine if anyone has something they'd be willing to part with

3. A recommendation of what might work.


Thanks so much!


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