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Re: [PLUG] vmware latest

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> From: "Michael Leone" <turgon@mike-leone.com>

> We used to run our vCenter as a VM; had lots of problems. We migrated
> it to a physical machine, and haven't had any more problems. FWIW ...

Interesting,  What kind of issues ?

VMware actually supports this as an option so the vCenter has the
advantage of HA protection.

I've been running vCenter server managing a 4 host EnterprisePlus 5.0
cluster.  We even use the distributed virtual switch so portgroup VLAN
configurations are pushed out to all hosts from vCenter.  I've noticed
no problems at all running vCenter as VM ( other than enabling the dvSwitch,
which has some unique requirements )

OK,  when I first inherited this cluster there were a bunch of issues
with jumbo frames, configuration of redundant uplinks, improper segration
of vmkernel traffic, and un-reliable vMotions that I fixed.  If you have
underlying issues in the cluster then perhaps a vMotion of vCenter itself
might cause other bad things to happen - but if the infrastructure is
working correctly there should be no issues with vCenter as a VM.

> I'll be setting up a 2nd cluster at our DR site soon, and get to run
> Site Recovery Manager (SRM). That should be ... interesting ...

Same here.   I'm visiting datacenter tomorrow that provides VMware
DR hosting and SRM5 out of the box so the client has nothing extra
to purchase.   SRM5 allows RPO's down to 15 min ( if you have the
bandwidth )

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