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Re: [PLUG] vmware latest

On Thu, May 10, 2012 at 9:26 PM, Lee H. Marzke <lee@marzke.net> wrote:
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>> From: "Michael Leone" <turgon@mike-leone.com>
>> We used to run our vCenter as a VM; had lots of problems. We migrated
>> it to a physical machine, and haven't had any more problems. FWIW ...
> Interesting,  What kind of issues ?

It was a while ago, couple years ago now. I remember it being unstable
- we would get black screens, lockups, etc. Never affected the VMs, or
the ESX servers.

> I've been running vCenter server managing a 4 host EnterprisePlus 5.0
> cluster.  We even use the distributed virtual switch so portgroup VLAN
> configurations are pushed out to all hosts from vCenter.  I've noticed
> no problems at all running vCenter as VM ( other than enabling the dvSwitch,
> which has some unique requirements )

We do a 6 host cluster. I'd like to have used the vDS, but they're all
already set up. Not that big a deal.

> OK,  when I first inherited this cluster there were a bunch of issues
> with jumbo frames, configuration of redundant uplinks, improper segration
> of vmkernel traffic, and un-reliable vMotions that I fixed.  If you have
> underlying issues in the cluster then perhaps a vMotion of vCenter itself
> might cause other bad things to happen - but if the infrastructure is
> working correctly there should be no issues with vCenter as a VM.

Dunno what to tell you, we had'em, and now we don't. It's possible it
was just a screwed vCenter install. Either way, it's fixed now ...

> Same here.   I'm visiting datacenter tomorrow that provides VMware
> DR hosting and SRM5 out of the box so the client has nothing extra
> to purchase.   SRM5 allows RPO's down to 15 min ( if you have the
> bandwidth )

We're putting ours in a new mini-datacenter at one of our own sites,
not hosting it elsewhere. We considered it, but decided to use our own
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