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Re: [PLUG] OT: Web development on an iPad

I thought that I would chime in with my feelings as someone who has never owned a tablet or phone. The most I've used a phone is to play with someone else's on-screen keyboard enough to decide that I didn't like it as much as my Model-M.

On Tue, 22 May 2012, Rich Freeman wrote:

So that then brings us to the docking station concept (whether it
involves actual plugs or just bluetooth.  Many suggest that this will
be the convergence between tablets and PCs.  I'm not convinced - the
UI model for something like a mouse is just fundamentally different
from that of a tablet.  If I'm dealing with tons of text the last
thing I want to be doing is trying to select and manipulate it with a
big fat finger.

Even when I'm on a traditional computer, I attempt to use the mouse as little as possible. I have had pretty good sucess with this, and only use the mouse when I need to do something involving graphics. I recently got one of those laptop spin the screen around and use it as a tablet combos, and so far I quite like it, and enjoy using a stylus is place of a mouse. The disadvantage of this setup is that it is heavier than a tablet.

I don't see workstation-class computers going away (perhaps I mean, I hope that they don't go away). One of the killer features of them for me is interchangeable components. As an example of how great interchangeable components are I recently came into ownership of a Sun Ultra 60. I wanted to use this a file server, but needed a way to do backups. I have several large USB disks, but unfortutatly, the machine predated USB. Fortunatly it had free PCI slots, so all I needed to do was stick in a USB card and I was off and running. Of course laptops don't have this advantage and compined with their weight comparison to tablets, I can see tablets as a reasonable alternative to laptops, but hope that desktops stick around.

(The non-interchangeable components is also one reason why I don't see myself using those single-board embedded computers for my main home server).

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