Amir Tahvildaran on 31 May 2012 06:36:54 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] May Speakers?

On Thu, May 31, 2012 at 4:47 AM, Sam Gleske <> wrote:
> Nice work on the flier Amir.  I too work at Drexel :).  Did you use Gimp 2.6
> or have you moved up to 2.8 yet?

I'm guessing it was 2.6 -- whatever Ubuntu 12.04 installed when I
asked for gimp.  Feel free to upgrade the files to 2.8.

 I'd be interested in all of these topics, especially:
* gimp (as you can see I just fumble around) - I'd probably bring my
laptop to play along for this one.
* nagios/icinga/monitoring - we use nagios, curious about icinga
* SELinux


> As far as meeting topics go I can cover a variety of topics.  I can't do the
> month of June as I have a night class on Wednesdays but I'll be off for the
> summer.  So I should be good after June to present at PLUG.  Topics in which
> I can present include...
> Data Storage Practices: RAID with mdadm; mirroring drives using rsync
> (recommended options); Large Volume Management to create one drive from many
> other drives; interrogating the S.M.A.R.T. controller on hard drives in
> order to possibly predict a drive failure or diagnose potential problems
> currently experienced.  I could also talk about ways to use them together.
> I can even cover how I personally utilize the techniques for my own personal
> data integrity.
> System Monitoring Part 1: How to effectively set up Icinga (Nagios fork) and
> write plugins so you're informed of the information you may desire most.
> System Monitoring Part 2: How to historically monitor system performance.
> This is most useful for looking at performance trends.  I can cover either
> munin or PNP4Nagios.  I can also discuss how to integrate them with Icinga
> so that you only need one interface to interact with them both.
> or
> Apache Virtual hosts: Good practices for setting up Apache virtual hosts
> with Large Installation System Administration in mind.
> JBoss Administration (can be a multi-part in depth presentation): I'll dive
> into JBoss AS 7 and show you the power which sets RedHat JBoss above the
> rest.  There's a lot I can cover here so I'll try to decide on topics which
> would be most useful during a presentation.  I'll even give you a short
> comparison of JBoss EAP 6 which is the enterprise equivalent of JBoss AS 7.
> or
> Basic SELinux Administration: Troubleshooting applications against SELinux
> and getting your apps running along size SELinux enforcement.  I'm still
> relatively new to SELinux but I think I can bring some troubleshooting
> techniques to the table which you may find useful.
> GIMP Presentation: I can discuss graphic editing with the GNU Image
> Manipulation Program.  In this discussion I can give an overview of most of
> the tools and dialogs as well as their usage.  I can discuss certain
> graphics concepts and best practices.  Topics and concepts can include:
> Channels, Layers, Masks and Selection, Recommended plugins and some basic
> usage, Recommended sources for brushes and patterns, organizing the
> interface, cut out a web template for designing a page and creating image
> maps, or possibly others.  Features and changes in the new GIMP 2.8 since
> GIMP 2.6 and older if you have previous experience with it.  I can discuss
> exciting future developments of GIMP which will be planned.
> Bash Introduction: Navigating the filesystem through a terminal.  A
> discussion behind the logic of bash, using one liners, and stringing
> together utilities to accomplish a goal.  Topics can include: What
> Configuration scripts are used and how, environment variables and parameter
> expansion, introduction to a common set of utilities which will likely be
> most useful when solving problems, writing scripts, regular
> expressions/patterns, whatever else I think of if this presentation is
> chosen.  This is a relatively broad topic as you're only limited by your
> imagination when it comes to using the system utilities and bash logic.
> vim Introduction: I've been using vim for a couple of years now and have
> picked up some useful tips and tricks along the way.  I can give an overview
> of the command modes, useful shortcuts for quick navigation and editing,
> window and tab management/navigation, command execution from within vim, how
> to effectively use the help documentation, user customizations on the fly
> and persistent customizations, anything else I can think of while presenting
> (maybe touch briefly on vim plugins?).
> There's several other topics which I can probably present on but lets just
> start with my mentioned list.  Again I won't be able to present during the
> month of June because I am taking night classes which conflict with Plug
> Central (only two more weeks of classes though).
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