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Re: [PLUG] May Speakers?

On Thu, May 31, 2012 at 9:36 AM, Amir Tahvildaran <> wrote:
 I'd be interested in all of these topics, especially:
* gimp (as you can see I just fumble around) - I'd probably bring my
laptop to play along for this one.
* nagios/icinga/monitoring - we use nagios, curious about icinga
* SELinux


You can check out this Icinga vs Nagios video.  It's dated back in Icinga 1.4 (about 2 years ago) but they're now on 1.7 and some finer concepts have changed (like the API).  But it's largely still the same.  I wouldn't be showing this video in the presentation if/when I do it so it's a good teaser to see what it's like before hand since you have experience with Nagios.  It also really helped me understand Nagios as a whole better than I did before watching it back when it was first created.

Google "icinga vs nagios youtube"

Another topic I could present is Open Source Software and how we use it in Drexel IRT.

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