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Re: [PLUG] I need a book recommendation

I'm one of the few geeks who just doesn't get Stephenson. I want to try Snow
Crash again but I hated Cryptonomicon. It felt like 100 pages of story
stretched out into 800 pages of fluff.

That's definitely a position I can respect. I think it's something to
do with his OCD-esque prose at points. He focuses on details that
might seem trivial (Proper Methodology For Eating Cap'n Crunch comes
to mind) but that appeal to a certain strain in some folks. I read
those sections and think "Well played, good sir." while others think
"What a waste...!"

Ha, the Captain Crunch example is the first one I think of with that book. On the 4th or so page describing how to properly eat Captain Crunch I sat back and wondered why the hell I was spending my time reading it :)

The funny part is that I found all of the deep math stuff in the book fascinating. He went on for pages about how gear size on a bike influences whether or not it will break the bike chain. Most people would find that mind-numbing but I was really into it (that's what I expected out of that book).

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