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Re: [PLUG] [plug-announce] Tuesday, June 12, 2012 - "Gentoo Everywhere: An Introduction to Prefix" by Rich Freeman (PLUG North at CoreDial in Blue Bell, 7pm)

Top-posting to preserve full context...  :)

Thanks to all who came out - for those who caught the talk at West I
was able to demonstrate Prefix working on 64-bit Solaris (including
the gimp) which is potentially very useful for anybody who is still
stuck on Solaris for whatever reason.

I was also able to very effectively demonstrate that NX is still a
somewhat immature technology.

Discussion topics as always were quite varied, and even led to an
unplanned demo of the web browser links running on Windows under
prefix.  Apparently links is one of the few applications that actually
behaves well under Interix/SFU.

For those interested the slides can be found at:

A more generally-useful resource is everything at,
and the #gentoo-prefix channel on Freenode.

The crowd was a bit younger in linux experience than is typical, and I
think that anybody who wanted to present a more beginner-oriented
presentation at North would be very welcome, especially if we
publicized it a bit more than usual.

Finally, I'll leave it to others more brave than I to offer general
advice on getting printers working on Linux.  This was a topic of
considerable discussion tonight.

Thanks to all who came out!


On Mon, Jun 11, 2012 at 5:24 PM, Paul L. Snyder <> wrote:
> This month, PLUG North welcomes back Rich Freeman, who will
> be giving a talk on Gentoo Prefix.  Rich has previously given
> a version of this talk at PLUG West.
>  Unix is even more ubiquitous than Linux, but the sad fact is that not
>  all Unix systems are created equal.  If you'e ever found yourself
>  staring at a command line and struggling to remember bsd syntax, or
>  finding that you're forced to work on a box for which no gcc is
>  available and autoconf is at v1.11, then perhaps Prefix is for you.
>  Or, perhaps you run a more modern distro but need a development
>  environment different from what is supplied, and a chroot jail isn't
>  adequate for some reason.
>  Gentoo Prefix is an innovative and flexible non-chroot solution to
>  running a modern linux userspace on a system otherwise managed by some
>  other operating system.   This overview/demo will help you to
>  understand both its strengths and weaknesses, and equip you should you
>  wish to give it a try yourself.
> The meeting will take place on Tuesday, June 12, from 7-9pm (7-8
> General Q&A, 8-9 Presentation) at CoreDial:
>  CoreDial (
>  1787 Sentry Parkway West
>  Suite 100 (Building 16)
>  Blue Bell, PA 19422
> Directions and other information are on our website:
> We request that you RSVP at if you intend on coming
> so we have some idea of how many to expect, but it is not required.
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