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[PLUG] Solved: Schedules Direct "lineup warning"

On 06/09/2012 03:34 AM, JP Vossen wrote:
On 06/07/2012 09:57 PM, JP Vossen wrote:
I just got an email from Schedules Direct (electronic program guide for
MythTV) that:
We have detected that your Schedules Direct channel lineup with an
lineup-id of "PA37880:X" has been removed or will be removed shortly.
Sometimes the lineups are automatically moved to a valid lineup, so it
may not be a problem.

When I logged in, it was in fact gone. For my zip-code there are about
19 options. Since I have the most cheap/basic Comcast I can get, the
interesting ones for me being:
Comcast - Digital King of Prussia
Comcast Montgomery County - Digital Plymouth Meeting

The two are almost identical, but by WAG I picked "Comcast Montgomery
County". We'll see if that works, I guess.

Anyone else see this or know if I guessed right? Anything else I'm
forgetting to do on the Myth Backend?

Thanks to Matt and Erik for their replies.  It's looking like I'm going
to have to do something on the back-end though, likely re-tweaking the
channel info.  I say that because shows from Tue worked, but a Nova from
Thr failed.  It's in the list of recorded programs, but if I try to play
it, Myth says the file isn't there.  I've never seen that before, and
according to the "what just changed" theory of t-shooting...

We'll see I guess.

OK, I finally looked into this and got it fixed. I *did* need to re-do my channels, which took a while.

First, I tried to do it in the middle of the night, but so many things were nothing but commercial or infomercials I couldn't figure them out. So I basically had to re-do it Sunday afternoon, and even then there are about 10 or 15 things I didn't figure out.

Second, I'd never have figured this all out without some on-site help from Matt Mossholder last Fall, last time this happened when Comcast dumped the analog channels I was using.

Third, even though I documented what we did last time, I wasn't as clear as I needed to be about what to match up (last steps) so I had to figure a bit of that out again.

Here's what I did:

* Backup my DB
* Delete ALL channels using http://mythtv-be-01/mythweb/settings/tv/channels
* On the MythTV Backend, run the backend setup tool, then inside that go to:
Apps > System > MythTV Backend Setup
	"3. Video Sources"
		Update for the new lineup
	"4. Input Connections"
		[ HDHomeRun : 1031ABBC-0 ] (MPEG2TS) -> Comcast-Digital
			[Scan for channels]
			Frequency table: Cable
			Modulation:      Cable (QAM-256)
			Scan type: scan of all existing transports
			= Found 26 new non-conflicting ATSC channels
				= Insert all
			= Found 1 new non-conflicting MPEG channels
				= Insert all
			= Found 8 new conflicting SCTE channels
				= Insert all
				# Channel # starting at 1000-1007
			= Found 33 new conflicting MPEG channels
				= Insert all
				# Channel # starting at 2000-2032
* Exit and let it run mythfilldatabas
### X-Ref things
* 1) Open SD:
* 2) Open SD:
* 3) Open Myth:
* Run MythFE on a front-end machine and:
	* Change to new channels
	* See what they are
	* Find them in MythWeb #3 URL
	* X-ref against #2 and #1 URLs
	* UPDATED AS NEEDED!!! (Or else recording rules will break)
		"xmltvid"!!!    <<<<<<<<<<<<
		"ChanNum"!!!    <<<<<<<<<<<<
		"call sign"!!!  <<<<<<<<<<<<
		Set visible, commfree, etc. as needed
* Manually re-run: mythfilldatabase --refresh-all
* Verify "Upcoming Recordings" looks right again

Obviously that "X-Ref things" step is a giant pain, but until I got that right none of my existing recording rules worked! "SD" is SchedulesDirect, "xmltvid" is the key to match an SD program listing up to a channel, "ChanNum" and "Call sign" are obvious, except the MythTV does seem to need them to match up for recording rules. "Name" is display only and doesn't otherwise matter as far as I recall.

I only have super-"basic" Comcast cable with about 68 channels (main broadcast in SD and HD, a bunch of PBS and a bunch of trash), but I only bother to get schedules for about 34 of them and I only actually use about 10 of those, all SD. (I don't care about HD and don't want to waste ~7x the disk space for it.)

So even with that little, and some existing docs and having done it last Fall, it took me about 2.5 hours to figure out what to do and get it working. Oh, the re-scan for channels takes about 20 minutes all by itself though... Sigh... Hopefully I've got it this time and this might help someone else.

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