Gavin W. Burris on 2 Jul 2012 06:05:49 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] Rip a Protected Audio CD

If you have one of those discs with purposeful bad sectors, you can use
ddrescue to create a disc image, then rip from the image.

$ ddrescue -n -b 2048 /dev/cdrom disc.iso disc.log

On 07/01/2012 09:29 AM, Casey Bralla wrote:
> So I legally bought this CD at a garage sale and am trying to rip it to my 
> music collection (like I do with all my other CDs)
> Unfortunately, while I was able to play the disk in my car stereo without any 
> trouble, my system does not even recognize the disk as an audio disk.  
> cdparnoia reports:
>   004: Unable to read table of contents header
>   Unable to open disc.  Is there an audio CD in the drive?
> I've tried several other rippers, but to no avail.  It looks like they 
> corrupted the table of contents.
> Anybody have any suggestions about how to rip this disk?

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