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Re: [PLUG] Linux friendly tablet?

On 07/06/2012 01:16 AM, JP Vossen wrote:
As many of you know I'm more of a tool guy

I just want you to know I've never referred to you as a tool.

gadget guy, but it seems like it might finally be time for a tablet.

They're pretty cool.

I refuse to have any iDevices in the house,


So what is a good, inexpensive Linux friendly tablet?  Use cases as

Inexpensive just killed it :)

I have the Samsung Galaxy 10. Aside from that bit where it refused to power up (see blog) and Samsung fixed it, it has performed flawlessly. I believe there is a Galaxy 10 ver 2 and possibly a ver 3 on the way. If you want to use an SD card, you need a doohickey (ext adapter), which is remedied in a later version.

The ASUS Transformer is a real man tool (and priced accordingly) due to accessories.

Be very careful about cheaper tabs and phones, as they don't upgrade the OS.

* Stay-at-home Mom, for email, web surfing, simple apps, etc.  (WiFi
only is fine, we're not doing any kind of data plan, if that even
applies to tablets)
* Kid friendly (6 & 8), preferably edutainment-type stuff
* Angry Birds is apparently a requirement (hey, that teaches ballistics,

I don't do games but the wife and nephews LOVE Angry Birds, as well as whatever else I dl onto it for them. There's a Yahtzee clone that makes use of the vibration function that is frighteningly realistic. It sounds and feels like you're rolling the dice in a wooden cup.

You may want to root the bugger unless you can live with the permissions. Too many apps want too much of your privacy.

Check the Android Market (newly renamed Google Play).

Related, recommended apps?

* Astronomy, ideally including satellite info
* Video creator (hate to admit it, but iMovie is pretty awesome)
* eBook reader (but won't work well in direct sun, right?)
* Movie player
* Netflix?  (Optional, we have the DVD-only plan now)
* What else don't I know about?

Sorry, I don't do most of that stuff.
Following are used on tablet and android phone:

Timeriffic - controls most functions to save battery and not be bothered
G Strings - guitar tuner
AndroidVNC - access your boxes
there are a bunch of remote access/admin apps that are pretty cool
wifi analyzer
QuickPic - gallery replacement
XiaaLive Lite - streaming audio player
Android Assistant - 18 utils in one, incl backup
Firefox/Opera/Dolphin browsers
Hacker News
Scanner Radio - police/fire scanners
World Newspapers - read newspapers, magazines, RSS
AK Notepad - yellow pad
Passdroid - keep passwords [encrypted, local only - does not use cloud]
AirPush detector - crapware detector
ES File Explorer
Sparse RSS - exactly what it says
TV Listings - broadcast or cable

There's an early beta of VLC but I'm not touching it now.

ThermionicEmissions - the blog

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