David Coulson on 7 Jul 2012 04:57:06 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] Linux friendly tablet?

On 7/7/12 2:14 AM, JP Vossen wrote:

Bottom line, it looks like I was operating under a mistaken assumption that you would at least sometimes need to plug a tablet into a "real" computer to "do stuff" (like my TomTom example or an MP3 player or camera). The more I think about that the less sense it makes, but at the time... What can I say?
For what it is worth, I got my daughter an iPad a few weeks ago - It has never been plugged into a PC or synced with anything. It does it all via iCloud, iTunes store or the App Store.

I think most tablets are designed to be stand-alone devices, with 'sync if you want to'.
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