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Re: [PLUG] So, That's it for Thunderbird

On Sat, Jul 7, 2012 at 7:57 AM, Casey Bralla <> wrote:
> For a while, my KMail on Gentoo was crashing all the time (probably due to a
> library dependancy problem), so I explored other eMail clients.  The bottom
> line to me was that KMail was far and away the best of the lot.  Next best was
> claws, which I used until I finally ditched Gentoo in resigned disgust (it had
> been soooo wonderful for years).

I really like Kmail, but I don't think it works anymore if you don't
have nepomuk installed.  Forget that!

I'm using gmail at the moment.  I receive mail at my domain and
forward it all to gmail (my ISP loves it when I forward all my spam to
myself - haven't found a good solution for that yet - eventually their
filters wear down and let everything through).

I'd really love it if somebody came up with a decent FOSS mail solution that:
1.  Allowed web-only access, and allowed mail to be sorted/etc with a
single keystroke (I use the Gmail archive workflow).  I have yet to
find an FOSS web-based mail solution that does not require a mouse
with multiple clicks to sort mail.
2.  Has a decent mobile client (push notification, works offline and
syncs, one-push archive workflow).
3.  Supports all the other stuff that Gmail doesn't support, like
making somebody ask you nicely for a copy of your mail instead of just
asking Google for it, or allowing for encryption/signature of mail.

The FOSS world has been good at creating nice desktop mail clients,
but little that supports me when I have only access to a phone or a

All that said, I'm sad to see Thunderbird die - I still have it
installed as it is the best mail client I've found yet.  I would like
Kmail better if I could actually use it without installing nepomuk.

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