Eric H. Johnson on 12 Jul 2012 07:11:34 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] SteadyState/DriveShield for Ubuntu?

What about setting it up as a kiosk? Here is an instructable:

I have seen others for Ubuntu along the way, that was just the first one to
come up in a google search.


OK, here's another oddball question.

I've done a little experiment @ work and replaced 2 shared Windows machines
w/Ubuntu 11.04 disguised using the XpGnome script (that's the latest version
of Ubuntu on which the script would run). What I'd like to do is lock down
this Ubuntu config so that any changes that a user manages to make- which
won't be much as things stand, since I've removed virtually all privs from
the Clubhouse account- are wiped on the next reboot, the way Microsoft
SteadyState and Centurion Drive Shield do for Windows. I can't find a
comparable product for Ubuntu.

Any ideas?

Incidentally, nobody's noticed the difference yet.


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