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Re: [PLUG] helping a school district

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I asked - the login is anonymous (student01, student02, etc.) and the
student then needs to connect to their own personal shared directory.


On 07/12/2012 02:34 PM, John BORIS wrote:
> Eric, Wouldn't this be done in the profile. When the student logs into the Ubuntu computer it executes the profile (not really sure in Gnome or KDE what goes on) so the script gets executed and does its thing.
> You could possibly have them login at the non graphical screen and then fire off the x session after they are authenticated, mounted the drive and then when they log out of the x session if it is dropped back to the shell the script would have a logout as the end of the script.
> I will have to look at the gnome/kde login process.
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>>>> "Eric at" <> 7/12/2012 2:02 PM >>>
> My Brother-in-law called me today - he's a vice-principal at Delran High School in NJ.
> He said they need a Linux "script" to connect to a remote shared (Microsoft) drive.
> My notes are:
> Student logs in to Ubuntu 12.04 computer. Student is automatically (or manual via icon click) prompted to enter: username password location course (optional) From this information the script: builds the path authenticates the user mounts the appropriate drive.
> Presumably something will be required to disconnect the user's drive when they log out of the UI.
> I could do this with the shell but who (besides me and you) uses the shell?
> Is this easy enough to do with something like Tcl/Tk or Perl/Tk (or some Python magic that I'm totally unaware of)?
> Examples?  Prior art?  Suggestions?
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