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Re: [PLUG] DCAnet dropping DSL

On Mon, Jul 23, 2012 at 12:31 PM, Doug Crompton <> wrote:
> If there is in fact a regulatory requirement then I am not sure why that
> avenue is not being pursued.

Spend tens of thousands of dollars on lawyers, watch the opposition
drag things out for years, and in the end chances are the only ruling
that they might get is that Verizon has to provide them service, which
is apparently what the law already says they have to do.  With court
oversight they'd be more likely to actually follow it, but they could
probably still charge rates that make them less competitive, and all
that assumes they haven't gone out of business in the meantime.

It has to be hard to compete as well, as static IP friendly-TOC
service is becoming less and less important these days.  The only real
need for these are setting up servers that get real use, and it is
cheaper to just do that in the cloud.  If you just need to set up VPN
tunnels you can do that with a dynamic IP - just make sure you have
some central point that is stable for everything to connect to, and
that can be in the cloud.

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