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Re: [PLUG] DCAnet dropping DSL

On 2012-07-23 10:54 AM, Rich Freeman wrote:
On Mon, Jul 23, 2012 at 10:23 AM, Michael Leone <> wrote:

I gave up my home server about 4 years ago, once I realized I didn't
really need a home server. :-)

I've been keeping mine for the most part, although the move towards
mobile/cloud solutions has made me semi-migrate some stuff off of it.
Right now my server receives most of my mail, but it just forwards it
onto gmail/etc (yes, I know I can point my MX direct to Google - I
prefer to be able to create addresses on a whim like the one I'm using
here and know that all received mail is backed up).

Incidentally, gmail does support name extensions (which I also use all the time), though I believe it uses the + separator rather than the - one (I don't use gmail).

(It helps a lot with spam-blocks and anti-phishing - if the email isn't coming to me-bankextension@ it's not from my bank :-))

For stuff like the odd web app it is a lot cheaper to just host my own
solution and access it over FIOS than to run a VPS (Amazon or
otherwise).  The TOS prohibits servers but Verizon doesn't care if
once a month somebody looks at my photo album, and hosting 10GB of
photos on a dedicated AWS server is just massive overkill.

If you have FIOS, probably it is. I'm on Verizon DSL (ever since I moved out of DCANet's provider area about 5 years ago), and I could drop my VPS cost (via tektonic) to $15/month if I didn't occasionally run things that use a chunk of memory there.

If I were running a business I'd be much more likely to host it out of
AWS/etc.  I do use S3 for my backups (just critical data, not
everything on my hard drives - I'm paying more for it to be offsite
than for storage per-se, and I use reduced redundancy storage to save
money since the backup is already redundant).

My "off site" backup is an encrypted usb drive that sits in my desk draw at work (if I lose both house and office, I've got bigger issues than my backup). It's amazing the bandwith of putting a 500Gb drive in your pocket. :-)
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