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[PLUG] Linux Installfest @ FOSSCON Sat August 11th

Ubuntu Village @ FOSSCON Sat August 11th

Ubuntu Village – All day INSTALLFEST – Bring your or your friends/family laptops or desktops that you would like Linux installed on and the Ubuntu US PA volunteers will assist you with the install.

Also, refurbished Linux laptops will be available (while supplies last) FREE of charge to SUPPORTER registrants of FOSSCON.

These laptops are older and refurbished, and will have minimal RAM and 4 gig hd’s. Power supplies will not be provided, but are available at NTR and online.

Fosscon Registration Info:https://www.wepay.com/events/fosscon-2012

NTR info: http://ntrweb.org/

Ubuntu Village volunteers needed and welcome.

jim fisher

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