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Re: [PLUG] Tried of Windows...

On Thu, Aug 23, 2012 at 3:59 PM, JP Vossen <> wrote:
> Yeah, but try to get anything "current" to work on something that old...  I use a *lot* of CentOS-5 and getting many things that aren't traditionally "packaged" is either a pain or impossible.  For example: Snort, Mediawiki, Bugzilla, and similar things often want newer pcap, Python, MySQL, whatever.  And once you go outside the package manager for fundamental stuff like Python, you are just asking for trouble and you will find it sooner or later.
> If you can stay only with stuff in the stock repos you are OK to get it installed, but even then a lot of that is just too old.
>         Tool    CentOS-5        Current
>         ----    --------        --------
>         BZR     none            2.5.1
>         SVN     1.6.11          1.7.6
>         git     none            1.7.2
>         net-snmp 5.7.1
>         Python  2.4.3           3.2.3
>         MySQL   5.0.95          5.6.6
> I hate to say it, but 2-3 years is about all I can realistically handle before it just gets too old.  My Ubuntu 10.04 machines are showing their age...  Corporately I get it, but...

I wasn't talking about CentOS 5 though.  I'm talking about CentOS 6
which is the RHEL 6 equivalent.

CentOS 6 package versions
BZR 2.1.1
svn 1.6.11
git 1.7.1
net-snmp 5.5
python 2.6.6
mysql 5.1.61

I disagree with your statements of trying to get anything modern to
run on CentOS.  I recently installed MySQL 5.5 due to a software
requirement of an enterprise package and it installed with little
effort.  While the packages are slightly out of date they favour
stability over bleeding edge.  I think it's inaccurate to make
statements about a distro being outdated when the version you're
referring to is (while still currently support) itself outdated.

Personally, I favour stability over bleeding edge but then I also
depend on a lot of my data for a living.

Another example is I installed the latest Icinga by compiling from
source.  All I had to do was,
yum groupinstall "Development tools"

and it installed all of the development dependencies and tools I
needed.  So even if you needed to compile bleeding edge it's not hard.
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