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Re: [PLUG] Tried of Windows...

On Fri, Aug 24, 2012 at 9:27 AM, Rich Freeman <> wrote:
> Just a note - your "current" versions aren't really all that current.

The point I was making is they're current enough to get the job done.
That includes if you have a need to install other software that is
current or bleeding edge.  Does it really matter that you're running rather than  I just look at it from a
practical standpoint.  I agree with you that you should not run
severely outdated software for security risks and other reasons.
After all progression is good.  But the versions and reasons you've
listed do not merit *not* using CentOS.  I've already proven that it's
quite easy to build bleeding edge from source should you actually
*need* it.  The versions listed are adequate enough to still be
considered modern and not severely outdated.

Gentoo is great, unless you have other hobbies.  I've tried it and it
was okay (though personally I enjoy Arch more or FreeBSD if we're
talking about compiling sources).  Like I usually say, I favour
stability over bleeding edge.  My data is more expensive than hard
drives so I don't mind throwing money at it.
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