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Re: [PLUG] Strange networking (or Verizon marketing) question.

the fios routers can be configured to act only as MoCA bridges to serve data to the settops. you have to run your own cat 5 to the ONT and have VZ provision for ethernet.

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Rich Freeman <> wrote:
On Mon, Sep 3, 2012 at 2:55 PM, John BORIS <> wrote:
> Fios is a bit more complicated as the router they give you also handles
> some sort of tv function. I amabout to see about using a different
> wireless router at home as the one the provide doesn't have good signal
> strength in my house. Good for security but a PIA when i want to use my
> ipad in the back of the house.

The router doesn't actually do any TV functions. What it does do is
act as a DHCP server, both to your ethernet and Wifi (ie your
computers), AND to an ethernet-over-coax protocol that the set-top
boxes use. So, the router is just a router, but the set-top boxes use
it, and if they can't get an IP connection then they lose guide data
and on-demand. The video itself is sent via a separate channel (QAM I
assume - I know there is a bunch of encrypted QAM on the line and
clear QAM for the locals).

So, if you don't like the FIOS router it is a pain to avoid. You can
either live with double-NATing, or you can set it to bridged mode.
However, if you bridge the router then it won't listen to anything but
your own router, and since your own router probably doesn't speak the
fancy ethernet-over-coax protocol (and likely isn't attached to the
coax at all), then the set top boxes won't be happy. You can also
ditch their router entirely if you can convince Verizon to turn on the
ethernet port on your ONT. Again, the set top boxes won't be happy.

If you don't care about the guide data or on-demand on the set top
boxes, then you don't need to worry about any of that. I just hook my
set-top boxes up to MythTV anyway - so they don't do much but tune
channels and waste electricity.


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