Art Clemons on 3 Sep 2012 13:48:50 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] Broken Ubuntu upgrade

On 09/03/2012 01:14 PM, Eric H. Johnson wrote:
> I just upgraded one of my notebooks to Ubuntu 12.04. The upgrade went fine,
> however I hate unity, so I then proceeded to uninstall unity and install
> GDM. That appears to have been a mistake, as it now hangs on booting. In
> normal boot, it dumps boot logging text up to "checking battery" and just
> freezes. It has loaded a bunch of services by that point, including
> postgresql and things of that sort.

I don't normally run Ubuntu, but I do have it on several different laptops and netbooks. I believe you can try running the upgrade again from the DVD. I have no great love for Unity and no great love for Gnome either. Still I would not try uninstalling Unity but instead have installed GDM and the gnome packages in addition.

Alternatively you can try Kubuntu or Xubuntu and add the other packages you want from Unity or Gnome. All too often I end up needing the equivalent of a full KDE and Unity/Gnome installation in Ubuntu because of dependencies and packages anyway even if I normally run Xfce while using Ubuntu.
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