Conor Schaefer on 29 Sep 2012 18:08:20 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] Magnet links in linux?

Are you sure the problem isn't just that your BT client doesn't support magnet URIs? I think that's more likely than the files just not downloading properly. Try setting this script as the default application to open magnet URIs:

#script to convert magnet URIs to torrents

REMOTE_DIR='' #set location magnet file should be copied to
cd /tmp || exit #save magnet file locally to tmp, because it will be converted
[[ "$1" =~ xt=urn:btih:([^&/]+) ]] || exit
if [[ "$1" =~ dn=([^&/]+) ]];then
ÂÂÂ filename=${BASH_REMATCH[1]}
ÂÂÂ filename=$hashh
#echo "d10:magnet-uri${#1}:${1}e" > "meta-$filename.torrent" #print conversion for user
scp "meta-$filename.torrent" $REMOTE_DIR #move torrent file to remote watching directory;

Note that you'll have to fill in REMOTE_DIR. Although it doesn't have to be remote at all, just set it to wherever your watch folder is, otherwise just change the last line of the script to open your BT client with the new file that was created.

On Sat, Sep 29, 2012 at 8:58 PM, Adam Zion <> wrote:
Odd problem. While normal Torrents have always downloaded correctly
for me on whatever version of linux I use- I have Linux Mint Debian
Edition on my home desktop + Crunchbang! Statler on my notebook-
Magnet links don't. They open in the client, and then don't download.
Meanwhile, when I boot my notebook into- <cough>- Win 7, it downloads
the Magnet links correctly, so I know it's not a firewall setting on
the router.

Does anyone know the secret incantation or correct ports to open to
download Magnet links in linux?


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