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Re: [PLUG] Linux mixer

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You could also get a small mixer(1) and set that up before the M-Audio device.
I've seen mixers at Sam Ash for ~ $100.  Some used ones for a bit less.


1 See for example:

On 11/26/2012 06:35 PM, Adam Zion wrote:
> OK, an odd question (as if I have any other kind):
> Based on recommendations from fellow PLUGgers, I have a M-Audio MobilePre audio device. Basically, this allows me to record instruments, vocals, etc. and generate audio, which I then pipe into an HTTP stream to perform on Second Life. However- and this is a big however- the device has no built-in mixing function. If I put my voice on one channel, and my guitar on another- so that I can control the level of each independently- they come off w/voice on one stereo channel, and guitar on the other. I can put them into the same audio channel and set that to mono, but that gives up all control.
> Is there any linux mixing software that would combine these two tracks into a single track, so that I could stream *that* to HTTP rather than use the above kludges?
> Many thx, -Z
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