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Re: [PLUG] VMware Workstation 8/9, Player 4/5 & Ubuntu 12.04 (& 12.10)


The nested virtualization caught my attention. I was trying to play with
TAILS (part of the Tor project: To build a custom
distro requires virtualization (VirtualBox) and TAILs is based on Debian. I
don't have a Debian based machine and without nested virtualization, means
Debian needs to be installed to bare metal.

You don't happen to know if one can nest a VM other than VMWare?


I was doing some research the other week which may be of some interest here.

First, I mostly use Ubuntu LTS releases, and it wasn't clear which VMware
products worked on that.  The following Just Work (zero tweaking of any
kind) on an old Dell Inspiron 1525 w/ 4G RAM running Ubuntu 12.04
(x86_64) that I use as a test/host machine:

* VMware-Player-4.0.5-893925.x86_64.bundle    < Newly supports Ubuntu 12.04

* VMware-Player-5.0.1-894247.x86_64.bundle
		* Support for Ubuntu 12.10 as a host and guest

* VMware-Workstation-Full-8.0.5-893925.x86_64.bundle    < Newly supports 
Ubuntu 12.04

* VMware-Workstation-Full-9.0.1-894247.x86_64.bundle
	* Read both:
		* Support for Ubuntu 12.10 as a host and guest

Note that with VMware-Player-5 they made the previously existing "free for
*non-commercial* use only" status a lot more obvious (arguably intrusive,
e.g. in the title bar).  OTOH, they do now offer commercial licenses for it,
sort-of, via

Second, for me, VMware Workstation 9 is not worth upgrading to.  But there
are some features that some of you probably do care about more than I do.

As far as I can see, the interface looks just like 8.x.  Otherwise, the
features are:

* Windows 8 = don't care
* Graphics Improvements = mostly don't care
	* " improved Windows XP graphics driver..." = mostly don't care
* OpenGL for Linux Guests = nice-to-have
* Restricted Virtual Machines = don't care
* WSX = don't care
	* WSX is a prototype of a new VMware Workstation web interface that
enables users to access their Shared virtual machines via a web browser on a
tablet, smart phone or PC without installing any additional applications or
browser plug-ins
* Downloading Virtual Machines from vSphere = don't care
* USB 3.0 = nice-to-have
* Nested Virtualization = mostly don't care
	* Can test ESXi inside WS...
* Hyper-V = don't care
* Virtual Performance Counters = don't care
	* VMware virtual processors now include the capability to enable
virtual performance counters which will allow developers to run profiling
applications, such as Intel's vTune, in a virtual machine.
* Remoting Improvements = nice-to-have
	* The experience when remotely connecting to a virtual machine
running in Workstation 9 with a VNC client or interacting with the desktop
of a virtual machine running on vSphere from within Workstation has been
significantly improved.
* Disk Cleanup = "not currently available on Linux hosts" per = don't care
* Quick Switch II = don't care
* Thumbnail Actions = don't care
* Saved Filters = don't care

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