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Re: [PLUG] dual networking question

On 01/28/2013 01:34 PM, Eric at wrote:
> He's going to recommend we install three wireless routers that provide a separate 'guest' access. That guest can only access the gateway and can't even ping an adjacent ip address on the network. I'm going to press for the ip range to be expanded because while 255 addresses seems like enough today I have serious doubts about future growth.

Truthfully, you do not need three routers, but only at worst two (assuming coverage issues don't dictate access points).  I have for example a cheap Tenda N60, which can be configured to set up guest access with a separate IP range and AP isolation.  There are other available router/firewalls which perform the same deeds.

For the additional IP range, let me note that if you have 50 users on any router, throughput is going to be severely limited.  In fact for school usage you likely will need more than one normal business level internet account gives.  I'm sure there are folks on here with extensive experience dealing with such issues, who can detail how to prepare adequately for that.

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