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Re: [PLUG] Solaris backup/restore

If you had a 2nd Sun system, you could leverage flash archives (flars).  Flars, in combination with any supported incremental backup solution of your choice, are a very good solution to quickly restoring your OS partitons on a system.  It does require a 2nd Sun system on the same subnet to manage the flars and restores.


----- Eric Lucas <> wrote:
> I'm preparing a proposal to set up and document backup/restore procedures
> for a series of Linux computers and a Sun Solaris 10 computer.  They want
> to use Mondo Rescue for the Linux systems and I'll work that out... it's
> the Solaris box that I'm not sure about.
> Their backup requirement is very specific - they simply want to be able to
> drop in two new HDs (RAID mirror), boot from a DVD, and then restore the
> entire system exactly as it was.  The restore needs to be entirely from
> DVDs.  They suggested using dd and scripting it but I know the disks (200
> GB) are not full so using dd seems like a crazy waste of space (DVDs full
> of nothing.)
> I'm not familiar with Solaris - anybody know what they have to perform this
> type of operation?
> Thanks
> Eric
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