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Re: [PLUG] So... Gaming.

On Wed, Feb 13, 2013 at 10:17 AM, Jonathan Simpson <> wrote:

I suggest keeping an eye on humble bundles, too.  Almost all the bundles include linux copies (sometimes not great ports, but they work) of their games.

My PS: probably should've noted that a large swath of those Steam games are also courtesy of Humble Bundles (I think I've missed two over the course of all those deals -- there were two Android bundles that were almost entirely comprised of games covered by other bundles). 

I'm well aware of Steam for Linux, though it's again a question of ports. VALVe themselves are offering Source-based first party titles on Linux and, I assume, are offering other companies who have based their games on Source the ability to recompile for Linux as well. I'm thinking more, though, of Unreal Engine 3-, or Rage-powered games. How would you play e.g. Deus Ex on a Linux box?

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