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Re: [PLUG] Survey: Linux RAID mirror sync time

Related question:  Can you simply add a second drive to a system to create a 
RAID mirror system?  

I've got a server that crashed last year and then I f'ed up the restore.  I'd 
like to add a RAID mirror, but thought I had to start off that way from a clean 
install.  is there an easy way to setup RAID on a running system?

On Monday, March 04, 2013 7:36:59 PM Eric at wrote:
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> Just curious what folk's experience is with this.
> If you replace one drive of a RAID mirror pair with
> a blank drive how long does it take to sync?
> Maybe 5 years ago I replaced a 160GB drive in such a
> configuration and as I recall the sync was about 2 hours.
> That was a 500 MHz Celeron with PATA drives.
> I believe that faster drives (SATA and even SAS) and
> faster chip sets and bus speeds may cancel out the
> penalty of larger drive sizes.  I only ever had to
> sync a drive that one time so the data sample size is
> way too small :-)
> Thanks,
> Eric
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