Rich Freeman on 9 Apr 2013 13:01:59 -0700

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[PLUG] Useful distro-specific utilities that shouldn't be distro-specific

I was just following gentoo-dev and noticed a mention of a useful
utility called lddtree which offers friendlier output formats than ldd
and a few more options (useful for scripting).  It is provided by a
package called pax-utils, and looking at some of the other programs in
this package like scanelf and dumpelf it struck me that this is really
something that isn't distro-specific and which would be useful

We also have debian-utils which obviously came from Debian, and
includes utilities like run-parts and and tempfile.

That got me thinking - how many scripts/tools/etc are floating around
in distro-specific packages that really are things that would be
useful to know about in case people want to grab them and use them for
their own purposes on their own distros.  You don't have to run Gentoo
to benefit from a generic ELF parser.

If anybody has similar tools they'd like to toss out in this thread
I'd be interested in hearing about them.  Who knows - this might even
be a good topic for a meeting...

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