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[PLUG] End to my Linux Mint Cinnamon problems - sort of

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After my X session crashed 3 times last night I resolved to find a
solution... or die from trying [well, no, not really that part.]

One thing I noticed is that when it happened the fan on the video card
would spin up to full speed until X was restarted.  I'd been using the
Nvidia driver (just called "current".)  I booted a Linux Mint 14 partition
that I had installed a few weeks ago.  It worked but I had problems with
configuring it to automatically mount my Samba shares from the server.
Frustrated, I booted back into Linux Mint 13 and disabled the Nvidia driver.
OOPS.  Cinnamon can't run without acceleration so I'm greeted with a blank
screen.  I booted into Gnome classic which does not require acceleration
for most things.  After getting rid of the two extra panels (and two
extra desktop pagers, dropbox applets, clocks, etc) I seem to have arrived
at a stable dual-monitor aware desktop.  I'm running Thunderbird, multiple
browsers, reading PDF files and playing music... all at the same time!

Phew, that was a pain.  I still miss my Ubuntu 10.04 system :-)

I'd like to use 3-D accelerated to run compiz so I'm thinking of some
alternatives to experiment with in my "spare" time:

  Trying one of the experimental nvidia drivers
   [ugh, scary!  If it screws up and I can't start X it's a pain to fix]

  Trying a new video card (in the $50 to $80 range - I don't need much)
   [Anybody have any favorite video cards they'd recommend?]

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