JP Vossen on 13 May 2013 19:30:28 -0700

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[PLUG] TKL: Etherpad

FYI, for Tuesday's PLUG N "Etherpad!" preso:
This appliance includes all the standard features in TurnKey Core, and on top of that:

* EtherPad Lite configurations:
-Installed from latest version in upstream git repository to /opt/etherpad
    -Pre-configured to use MySQL (recommended for production).
* Node.js configurations:
-Installed from latest upstream tarball (includes NPM, with npm-completion out-of-the-box). - The nginx web server is pre-configured to proxy to nodejs daemon, with SSL support out of the box.
    - Includes custom nodejs initscript for running node app as daemon.
* SSL support out of the box
* Includes postfix MTA (bound to localhost) for sending of email. Also includes webmin postfix module for convenience.

I fired that up as a VM a few months ago and it Just Worked.

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