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Re: [PLUG] Phones (considering switching from POTS to VOIP, keeping my number)

On 9/26/13 6:54 AM, Rich Freeman wrote:
> On Wed, Sep 25, 2013 at 10:53 PM, Isaac Bennetch <> wrote:
>> So far this sounds a lot like Google Voice to me, but I've heard
>> a lot of complaints about the call quality and I'm concerned about
>> getting my number locked in to Google's services (as far as I can tell,
>> there's no way to port out of Google Voice).
> Personally I haven't had any issues with Google Voice.  I pretty-much
> use it exclusively now though some people still call one of my numbers
> direct.

Thanks for that. I'd be curious to hear if anyone else on the list has
good or bad experience with Google Voice.

> I'm not sure how you could have trouble porting a number out of Google
> Voice.  I believe porting isn't supported by the carrier who has the
> number - I believe it is done by the new carrier who wants to obtain
> the number.  They get whatever LNP database that exists updated, and
> any telco in existence that gets a call to that number sends the call
> to the new carrier.  My understanding is that it isn't unlike DNS -
> your current DNS provider can refuse to remove your address from their
> zone all they want, but if the domain registration changes nobody will
> be asking them to resolve your address anyway.

Very interesting. I'm not sure about the technical end, but in the past
I thought it wasn't possible -- but now Google has a helpful document
explaining that it is possible and the steps to take. So I guess that
concern is outdated. Great news.

> Certainly interested in comments from somebody more familiar with LNP though.
> Rich

Thanks for the response.

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