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[PLUG] strange rsync behavior

I've encountered a strange problem with rsync.

The data is being transferred from a remove vm via ssh tunneling.
The command executes and the file names all stream across the screen.
At the end there are no files transferred.  Since the destination directory has
no files in it and there are gigabytes in the vm I'm not sure what it thinks it

Here's the command:

  rsync -av --rsh=ssh VM:"/home/netlogon"

The ssh tunnel is "VM" defined by this .ssh/config entry:

Host VM
  user root
  ServerAliveInterval 300
  ProxyCommand ssh oldsys nc %h %p

Host oldsys
  user eric
  ServerAliveInterval 300

I know the ssh tunnel works because I can use it to ssh to the vm and scp works too.

Enclosing the "ssh VM:/home/netlogon" in quotes like that rather than
the command above generates an error.

rsync normally "just works" - what's going on?

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