Rich Freeman on 1 Oct 2013 19:07:56 -0700

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[PLUG] Difficulty Sending Email Through Verizon

All my outgoing email goes through Verizon.  I also happen to forward
all the mail that comes in to a Gmail account for easier access, which
means that I end up sending quite a bit of mail (list subscriptions,
etc).  It all goes to myself, so no risk of spam complaints/etc.

Once in a while they throttle me, which isn't a big deal - they
usually only do it when I forward spam to myself (it triggers some

However, recently I've been getting delayed messages and my postfix
queue is full of messages like:
delivery temporarily suspended: SASL authentication failed; server
localhost[] said: 500 5.7.0 Unknown AUTH error -1 (Internal
authentication error

I enabled debugging and it looks like that is the exact message
returned by the Verizon SMTP server right after the DIGEST-MD5
response.  That suggests that this is an error on Verizon's end.

The reason the message calls the server localhost is because I have
stunnel running on localhost to allow an SSL connection to the SMTP
server - postfix does not support SSL connections natively in the
manner that Verizon requires them.

Anybody else noticing this, or have any suggestions?  Also, does
anybody know of any cheap smtp services that might do a better job?
Since I forward list traffic to myself my volumes are somewhat high.
I'm not sure if it is worth it - they're going to be priced to deal
with spammers, complaints, etc, and most of my volume just goes to

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