Casey Bralla on 2 Oct 2013 02:20:43 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] Difficulty Sending Email Through Verizon

I relay all my outgoing mail through Verizon via postfix too, but have never 
had a problem (that I know of).  Also, I don't think I had to do anything 
special to get authentication (but it's been a couple years since I set it 

On the other hand, I don't send copies to myself so maybe my outgoing is 
delayed, and postfix just tries again later so I don't see it.   How did you 
check your que?

On Tuesday, 2013-10-01 10:07:50 PM Rich Freeman wrote:
> All my outgoing email goes through Verizon.  
> However, recently I've been getting delayed messages and my postfix
> queue is full of messages like:
> delivery temporarily suspended: SASL authentication failed; server
> localhost[] said: 500 5.7.0 Unknown AUTH error -1 (Internal
> authentication error
> Anybody else noticing this, or have any suggestions? 


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