Rich Freeman on 2 Oct 2013 04:27:49 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] Difficulty Sending Email Through Verizon

On Wed, Oct 2, 2013 at 3:03 AM, PaulNM <> wrote:
> Just so we're clear, you have a Verizon account (and possibly others),
> where you forward all mail it/they get to a gmail account?

I have a verizon account, but I do not check email sent to it at all.

Incoming email goes directly to my postfix server.  From there it gets
processed locally, and most of it gets a copy forwarded to my Gmail

> I would avoid dealing with Verizon at all. You can configure GMail to
> pull from other accounts directly.  Currently those settings are at:
> Gear Icon on upper right -> Settings -> "Accounts" tab.

Well, I'd still need a way to send outgoing mail from my server even
if I had Gmail generally pull it.  So, that doesn't really buy me
much, and I'd prefer not to have my credentials stored in Gmail, so
I'd have to set up a separate account just for email/etc.

> Another idea is rather than having postfix forward the messages, dump
> them to a local folder.  You could have GMail pull from that, or have a
> script connect to GMail through IMAP and automatically sync/copy the
> local directory over. You message isn't clear on whether Postfix is
> running on an always-on server, or a sporadically active laptop/desktop.

I'm not sure that gmail will apply rules to mail sent over in this
fashion.  Postfix is running on an always-on server (and I have backup
MX for when this isn't the case).

> If you're running Thunderbird or other mail clients, you could setup
> filters/rules to copy or move via IMAP.

I definitely don't want to get any local clients involved, unless they
can be operated via cron.  I have no issues with using fetchmail and
the like, but I definitely want to leave Thunderbird out.

Honestly, my preference would be to ditch Gmail entirely, but nobody
else makes a decent FOSS substitute.  A decent substitute would
involve a storage backend that is tag-based and which can work with
clients that can sync and work offline, and a web-based MUA that
includes keyboard shortcuts for prev/next/archive/delete/spam.

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