JP Vossen on 8 Jan 2014 13:52:08 -0800

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[PLUG] Backlog in Redmine?

Short version: How have folks implemented a work "backlog" in Redmine or similar project management tools (like Jira, I assume)?

Long version:
I was able to convince $WORK to start using Redmine. I have it set up (thank you Bitnami!), and maybe 1/3rd populated, and so far it looks awesome. I've also read and while I think the editing is a bit below O'Reilly's and that the price is a bit high, I did learn quite a lot, but of course no book can answer everything.

I want to limit work-in-progress and I want to keep the backlog out of developer's hair until it's time. At the same time it has to be easy for management to use or they might make us use SharePoint (which almost happened; YUCK!).

My ideas are to use one or more of these as a specific "backlog":
	1 project
	2 tracker (think category)
	3 user (all issues must be assigned to *someone*)
	4 issue priority (with the "issue closed" property)

There are various pros and cons to all of them. Using a backlog project would lose the real project. Likewise tracker or user. So right now it seems like a "priority" with the "issue closed" property set so the backup does not show up in default reports as open, might work.

I am winging this and have never personally seen it done right, so any hints or thoughts appreciated.


PS--Still working on the lever switch, thanks to all who replied, I'll follow-up when complete.
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