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Re: [PLUG] OT: need SPST-NC lever switch

On 01/04/2014 10:06 PM, JP Vossen wrote:
...  My condensation pump
limit/float switch just fried and I'm hoping someone with more of a
background in industrial parts can help me out.  I've worked around the
problem but I don't want to let it go more than a few days if I can help

The pump is a Beckett CB151UL and the dead part is a:
     Hoppy HP-S1004 5A 250V #110 tab SPST-NC

To close the loop on this one, after a lot of pain and time it finally occurred to me to try calling the manufacturer. Usually they don't do parts like this, so I didn't think of it for a while. That worked, I got new switches for $5.18/ea from Beckett customer service, which only recently started this kind of service. Their page is very confused, but "customerservice at 888beckett com" worked. Well, at first, then it started bouncing my email, but the phone worked. I ordered on 2014-01-22 and only got the parts today (2014-01-31) though, so that was very slow.

Interestingly, the old switch seemed like it was a spring switch, but the new ones are very definitely "snap" switches. They snap on and snap off noticeably, which the bad switch noticeably does not. More proof it went bad in a big way.

None of the places I called per various replies helped. The Collegeville Colonial Electric started out strong after a phone call, but they never got back to me and ignored several follow-up emails. No one else even got that far or had useful replies.

I do have to give high marks to both Mouser and Jameco. I had techs from both on the phone for over 45 minutes (each), trying really hard to find something that would work. Tony, from Jameco, went so far as to have a switch brought in from the warehouse to play with, but testing with AA and AAA batteries showed that the actuating force was too high. Also, Digikey spent over half an hour before concluding they didn't have anything.

I didn't really expect that kind of time & effort for a one-off order of a $5 part, from three different large shops, so this is my way of saying thanks. Give any/all of them a try if you need parts.

Anyway, thanks to all who replied,
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