Casey Bralla on 1 Feb 2014 04:26:37 -0800

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[PLUG] Software/Hardware Oscilloscope Logic Analyzer

I've been working to debug and I2C interface problem with a Raspberry Pi and a 
non-working temperature/humidity sensor I got from Adafruit.   I have a 
separate I2C pressure sensor that works fine, but the temperature sensor is not 
seen by the Pi.

I've done a whole bunch of troubleshooting (checking voltages, continuity, 
poor wiring, etc).  I've even gone so far as to get a second temperature 
sensor (maybe the first one was bad) and now I've ordered a second Pi (I 
"needed" one anyway <grin>)

What I really want to see is what is happening on the I2C data and clock 
lines.  My suspicion is that there is something funky going on, and I've read 
somewhere that some of the earlier Pi's have a  timing issue on the I2C bus.

So this leads me to desire (need?) a data signal analyzer.  It's been a long 
time since I owned a 1950's-vintage Oscilloscope, and I just blew my budget by 
spending an extra $50 on a new Pi, but is there a hardware/software solution 
out there where I can buy a $50 probe that connects to a USB port?

Suggestions?  TIA!

Casey Bralla

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